Transparent Silicone Tube


Transparent Silicone tube

Continuous Use Temp

– 40~260 ℃

Features strength

≥7 Mpa

Packaging Size

Cutting length:usually 100~200m/roll, or customized (1 to xx m)

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Product Description

Transparent Silicone Tube Features

1. Food-grade silica gel is a kind of environmentally friendly silica gel, non-toxic, odorless, and high in transparency;
2. Soft, good elasticity, kink resistance and no deformation;
3. No cracking, long service life, cold resistance and high temperature resistance;
4. Has higher tear strength and superior electrical properties;
5. It will not turn yellow when placed at room temperature, no frost, no whitening, no fading, no scale and no peculiar smell in the water for a long time

Transparent Silicone Tube Product Specification:

Product name Transparent Silicone tube
Material 100%silicone
Color Transparent, translucent, any pantone color
Continuous Use Temp – 40~260 ℃
Hardness 50~70 Shore A
Fracture strength ≥7 Mpa
Tear strength ≥10 KN/m
Elongation at break ≥250%
Packaging Size Cutting length:usually 100~200m/roll, or customized (1 to xx m)



Widely used in home drinking water, factories, food machinery, and so on.
1. Medical equipment connecting pipelines, catheters, etc.
2. Baby bottle straws, catheters, etc.
3. Electrical equipment and other casings, and profiles.
4. Tube products for food.
5. Connecting pipes for food machinery.
6. Connecting pipes and conduits for drinking, fountains,coffee pots, children’s suction cups, etc.

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