U Type Silicone Hose

U type silicon hose is also called 180 degree silicone elbow hose. As experted silicone tube manufaturer, we are spicialized in producing silicone hose applied to coolant , charge air, induction systems, etc. For Auto, Race Car, Tuners, Muscle Car, Motorcycles.

Why we choose U type hose

Compared with rubber, silicone hose has extremely high flexibility, which can be maintained during its service life. In some cases, there is a risk that the rubber hose will crack, harden or dry rot. This is why silicone hoses are the choice of many trucks, buses, performance vehicles and many other vehicles.

About description of U shaped hoses

Referring to materials, Lensile is outstanding at elongation, compression set and cold flexibility; In additional, surface of u type hose silicone is smooth enough, unlform, clean, no uneven and fault; Thirdly, multi-color is always preferable for our oversea customers. Meanwhile, We provide blue, black, red, orange, green and customized colors; Fourthly, high temprature resistant to 300 ℃ or 5-ply reinforcement.

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