Custom Silicone Hose

At kinglin, we’re proud to be your premier source for high-quality silicone hoses and tubes. Although we have options for a wide variety of needs.We also know that some businesses and consumers have unique requirements that can’t be met with a standard, off-the-shelf hose parts. That’s why we’re proud to offer custom silicone hoses made to your exact specifications. From single-piece details to complex, multi-piece assemblies, our experienced team has the knowledge and set of skills to meet and exceed our customers’ most demanding expectations. Whatever you need out of custom, flex silicone hoses, you can rest assured that we’re up to the challenge.

Kinglin custom silicone hoses with prime quality

Kinglin, as experted silicone hoses manufacturer in China, we are proud to be your preferred supplier of prime quality silicone pipes, tubes. In addition to manufacturing custom silicone hose, we also provide internal testing for raw materials and finished products. Especially, we are so proud to ensure that every part leaving the dock is produced according to strict quality standards. Besides, we also have a multi-step inspection plan to ensure that every detail expressed in your plan is met. Every customers’ new silicone hoses are reliable and of the highest quality.

Silicone tubes for medical grade

Silicone rubber hoses are a multi-purpose materials, which is highly praised for its heat resistance and flexibility by our oversea customers. It can be manufactured as a medical grade material, which makes it so popular in the medical industry. In addition, custom silicone hose is highly resistant to weather conditions, ultraviolet-radiation and ozone degradation, etc. And also it is an ideal choice for aerospace and electrical industries.

To avoid gas permeability from silicon hose

About gas sensitive fluids, especially solutions that need to prevent oxidation, anaerobic cell culture, customers have to consider the permeability of the pipeline. At this time, silicone is usually the most breathable material, while thermoplastic materials are often relatively impermeable. Materials with low permeability will help prevent problems associated with fluid exposure to air.

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