Flexible Silicone Hose

KINGLIN, as professional silicone hoses manufacturer in China, supplies large volume flexible silicone hose pipe and silicon tubes to oversea with customers’ demand. Our silicone hoses, rubber hoses and rubber seals are widely used in modified vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks and military vehicles. In meantime flexible silicone rubber hose is applicable to higher temperature than other rubber elastomers. In addition, we have enough OEM products in our main products list. As recommendation, 1 ply silicone hose and also our main products.

Our recommended OEM products

One layer polyester fiber reinforced silicone hose with rated temperature of 350F (176 ℃) and optional aramid fiber reinforced material with rated temperature of 500F (260 ℃). This is our customers’ OEM products. This “heater hose” meets SAE J20 R3 Class A requirements according to customers’ demand. And also it is resistant to coolant solutions and other chemicals. Certainly, it’s recommendation not for fuel. Standard lengths are 25 feet and 50 feet, providing longer reels. 1/4″ to 1-1/4″ diameter.

The pipe adopts the silicon rubber extrusion structure without reinforcement. It is used for vacuum advance, windshield washer, emission control, coolant overflow, etc. The standard length is 25 feet and 50 feet, which can be cut into a certain length. 1/8 “to 3/8” diameter.

Advantages of these silicone hose pipe

1. Resistant to coolant and other chemicals
2. Burden for high temperatures
3. Resistant to cracking, aging, Ozone, Peeling, etc

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