Flexible Silicone Hose

Flexible Silicone Hose

Flexible Silicone Hose

Features: Compared with the standard silicone tube, the Flexible silicone hose manufactured with a steel wire spiral in-plant inside can withstand stronger pressure, while having excellent flexibility. In addition, the Kinglin silicone hose manufacturer’s customized model service makes the products more adaptable.

Application: Flexible Silicone Hose is common uses in conveying air, gas, liquids, and even solids in some cases for to their high-temperature resistance. High-temperature characteristics make it suitable for applications involving hot fluids and steam.

Material: Silicone, a synthetic rubber-like material known for its excellent high-temperature resistance, flexibility, and inertness. The inner lining is made of silicone to ensure compatibility with the materials being transported.

Remark: Silicone hoses are not compatible with oils and fuel.

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