Flexible Silicone Radiator Hose China Factory


Flexible Radiator Silicone Hose


Silicone rubber + Fabric reinforcement+Steel wire

Working Temperatures

-60 ° C ~ 260 ° C



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Product Description

Product sell points:

Flexible Silicone Radiator Hose with High pressure: High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. At the same time, high pressure resistance, strong sealing performance, and durability. What’s more, high pressure resistance, strong toughness, and good sealing performance.

Flexible silicone hose: The long hose is made of high quality silicone, which has excellent elasticity and toughness and is not easily deformed after repeated use. The hose is made of high quality silicone material, which is flexible, durable, and practical.

Flexible Silicone Radiator Hose China Factory

Flexible Silicone Radiator Hose Features:

①Continuous use temperature range: -60℃~260℃;
②Soft, arc-resistant, corona-resistant;
③ Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
④Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless
⑤High pressure resistance, environmental protection
Standard colors: Black, red, blue, white, grey, green, clear (other colors on request).

Flexible Silicone Radiator Hose Product Specification:

Product flexible radiator silicone hose
Material Silicone rubber + Fabric reinforcement+Steel wire
Reinforcement Polyester cloth or Aramid cloth
Temperature -60 ° C ~ 260 ° C
Colors transparent, white, black, red, yellow, green (can also be required to produce)
Pressure 0.3Mpa~1.2Mpa
Shape Straight hose
45/90/135/180 degree elbow hose
hump hose
reducer hose
silicone hose kits
L/Y/S/Z shape or any customized shape
Layers 1~5 layers or as request
Inner Diameter 6mm ~ 150mm or according to the customer’s requirement
OEM/ODM Available
thickness 2mm-6mm
Hardness 35~80 shore A
We also could produce special shape products according to customer’s drawings or samples.


Product Application:

  • Transportation, automotive (engine water cooling, cooling, intake, exhaust, and turbocharging systems), and shipbuilding industry applications.
  • Instruments, instrumentation industry applications.
  • Polyester reinforced silicone hose is not available for carrying oil.
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