EPDM Composite Seal Strip

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Rubber sealing strips can be classified according to several methods, such as section shape, vulcanization method, use position and purpose, and materials used. Generally, they are made of neoprene, ethylene propylene rubber, silicone rubber, natural neoprene styrene butadiene rubber, rubber plastic blends and other compounds with excellent aging resistance. The manufacturing method uses the extrusion molding continuous vulcanization method, extrusion molding vulcanization tank vulcanization method or molding vulcanization method. However, most of the existing rubber sealing strips are rectangular or triangular. Due to the single shape, the gap cannot be effectively sealed, thus reducing the practicality of the sealing strip. Therefore, we make an improvement on this and propose an epdm rubber composite sealing strip. As experted EPDM seal strip manufacturer, our products always satisfy customers’ demand according itself quality.

EPDM Composite Seal Strip Product Features

1. Ozone resistance and chemical resistance
2. Excellent weather resistance and water resistance
3. Good elasticity and flexibility
4. High and low temperature resistance
5. Ensure long service life at stable temperature
6. No penetrating odor

Application range of EPDM seal strip

1. Transportation industry – marine silicone shockproof parts. Hydraulic system silicone seal, oil seal, automobile upper brake rubber cap; Foamed silicone sealing ring, shaft seal of exhaust system; Spark plug sleeve and Ignition wire; Piston ring, o-ring for rotor engine dynamics.
2. Radio and motor in the telecommunications industry – High-voltage caps in TV sets and oscilloscopes; The shell of silicon controlled tube; Sealing ring in contact with gas. Insulating sleeve.
3. Application in instrument industry – various silicone rubber lead wires (used as lead wires for capacitor light emitters, coils, transformers, transformers, etc.); Defrosting wires for refrigerators; Heating wire, etc.
4. Medical industry – various catheters and drainage tubes. Silicone rubber bionic products, etc.