Silicone Hose

Kinglin Silicone, A famous silicone hoses manufacturer

Silicone hoses from Kinglin silicone hose manufacturer, features 4 layers of reinforced high temperature material that meets or exceeds SAEJ20 standards. There are a lot of industries that use IKL silicone hoses. Such as performance racing, commercial trucks and buses, marine, agricultural and off-highway vehicles, turbo diesel, food and beverage, and general manufacturing. As famous and experted silicone pipe manufactuer in China, We may satisfy oversea customers’ demand.

Types of silicone hoses

The silicone pipes offered by Kinglin include charge air cooler hoses, elbow silicone hoses, silicone heater hose, U Type silicone hose, hump silicone hoses, reducers, vacuum filters, and silicone hose kit. Kinglin also carries high performance silicone vacuum hoses and silicone heater hoses.

Advantages of Kinglin Silicone

Kinglin silicone hoses are available in standard inch and hard to find metric sizes. To meet high demand and reduce turnaround time, up to 90% of Kinglin silicone hoses are in stock and can be shipped or picked up from authorized Kinglin silicone pipe distributors. Meanwhile, our products meet industrial standard with quality materials. So the advantages of silicone hoses are below:

1.Durable silicone construction
2.High quality worm gear clamps
3.Improved heat and pressure resistance
4.Multiple color options are available
5.Quick disconnect coupling

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