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KINGLIN is an excellent source for high-quality silicone hoses. Since 2001, we have been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of OEM silicone hoses. Our custom silicone vacuum hoses and food grade silicone hose are as designed to meet the latest material specifications and requirements. We provide not only top-quality products through stringent manufacturing standards, but also strive to manufacture and ship orders on schedule. Our focus is on crafting durable hoses that exceed expectations for performance and value. We aim to simplify the process for customers, from design consultation to order fulfillment and beyond.

Truck Silicone Hose manufacturers

Truck Silicone Hose

high quality Intercooler/Steel Wire Strengthen/Truck Silicone Hose.

Silicone Hose Elbow manufacturers

Silicone Hose Elbow

wholesale 1 inch Elbow/90 Degree Elbow/Braided Elbow Silicone Hose etc.

Customization 30 45 90 180 Degrees Elbow Silicone

Silicone Heater Hose manufacturers

Silicone Heater Hose

wholese 1 inch silicone heater hose,

blue silicone heater hose,

gates silicone heater hose etc.

Straight Silicone Hose manufacturers

Straight Silicone Hose

wholesale Auto Heater Silicone Hose,Flexible Braided Heater Silicone,High Temp Blue Silicone Heater Hose etc.


KINGLIN is a top-notch option for premium rubber hoses. As a reputable OEM silicone hose manufacturer since 2001, we specialize in crafting custom Fuel, Radiator, and Air intake hoses that adhere to the latest material specifications and standards. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of our products; we also ensure timely order manufacturing and shipment. NBR elastomer hoses are typically made of elastomers like silicone, CSM, and EPDM. Actually It is also called nitrile rubber.


Fuel Hose manufacturers

Fuel Hose

wholesale Automotive Fuel Hose,Fuel Hose Lines,Rubber Fuel Hose etc.

Air intake hose manufacturers

Air intake hose

wholesale Air Cleaner Intake Hoses, Automotive Air Intake Hose Engine, Air Intake Hose etc.

Radiator Hose manufacturers

Radiator Hose

wholesale Car Radiator Hose, Radiator Hose, Universal Radiator Hose.hign quality OEM/EDM.

EPDM Hose manufacturers


wholesale Black EPDM Hose, EPDM Air Hose, EPDM Rubber Hose. OEM/ODM

Seal Strip

If customers are looking for effective rubber seal strips for applications such as doors, trunks, windows, hatches, electrical enclosures, coolers, and beyond, EPDM shaped seal strip comes highly recommended by KINGLIN. To ensure optimal performance, it’s crucial to select a seal that matches the size of your substrate and gap. When installed, the shaped seal should provide a compression of 25-40% for maximum effectiveness.

PU Seal Strip suppliers

PU Seal Strip

wholesale PU Seal Strip, PU Foam Seal Strip,PU Soundproof Foam Weather Strip,V-shaped PU Foam Seal Strip Door Weather Stripping

wholesale Price,OEM/ODM

Silicone Seal Strip suppliers

Silicone Seal Strip

wholesale 3M Silicone Seal Strip, Auto Silicone Seal Strip, Silicone Door Seal Strip

wholesale Price,OEM/ODM

EPDM Composite Seal Strip  suppliers

EPDM Composite Seal Strip

wholesale Auto Rubber Seal Strip, EPDM Composite Seal Strip, Waterproof Rubber Seal Strip.


EPDM Foam Seal Strip suppliers

EPDM Foam Seal Strip

Door Rubber Seal Strip, EPDM Foam Rubbrer Seal Strip, Self Adhesive Foam Strip


China Silicone Hose Manufacturer

KINGLIN Rubber & Plastic Tech Co.,Ltd. located in QingHe County, Hebei province. Actually, we are one of the leading silicone hose manufacturer in local market. Meanwhile, our silicone heater hosesilicone hose couplersilicone hose kit are widely used in modification vehicles, commercial cars, trucks, military vehicles, industry and agricultural machines.

As well-known silicone hoses China factory, our current capabilities include custom tooling design, manufacturing and products design. Certainly, main mission are silicone hose & rubber hose fabrication, rubber seal fabrication and finished goods testing and validation, full-time in-house quality inspection.

KINGLIN silicone hoses China manufacturer always provides quality products, such as food grade silicone hosesilicone hump hosesilicone reducer hosesilicone vacuum hose, etc. We supply these silicone hoses to oversea market in bulk per year.


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Our company has its own factory,10 years of silicone hose manufacturing experience

Advanced production

Advanced production and testing equipment.persisting in quality-centered and sincere service principle

Strong ablity of design

Team-based strong ablity of design ,we serve our customers with high quality products ,and at the same time technical support and professional services


we can accept OEM/ODM ,Products from the mold to the packaging way, We can provide customized services according to your demand.


Certified by ISO9001 and TS16949,we make no allowance for quality compromises

Free sample

Free sample can be available

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Silicone Rubber Hose Factory WorkShop:

Silicone Rubber Hose Factory
Silicone Rubber Hose Factory
China silicone hose manufacturers
China silicone hose manufacturer

At KINGLIN, we are committed to providing the highest quality Seal Strip and Rubber Hose products at affordable price. Among many silicone tubing manufacturers and suppliers in China, we stand out. KINGLIN have been in the industry for many years and realized early on the importance of market globalization. Because we have tailored our factory and company for global manufacturing from the very beginning, we are able to handle large volumes of orders worldwide with high customer satisfaction. 

 KINGLIN Commitment To Customers

 We are the go-to source for high-quality silicone hose, tubing, and piping systems. Not only that, but we work hard to help you through every step of the buying process to make sure you’re happy with your order. Our products meet the strict product quality standards of ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

 If you need help with your design, our team of expert engineers can assist. Once your specifications are met, we take care of everything from manufacturing to shipping, ensuring you get the high-quality product you ordered in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we are committed to achieving it. Meanwhile, we may supply Silicone seal strip, EPDM composite seal strip, EPDM foam seal strip and so on.

 We also offer about options of wholesale silicone hose for distributors tailored to your specific market requirements. Just fill out the form on the link and one of our knowledgeable and friendly representatives will contact you within 24 hours. Not only, we own silicone tubing production, but KINGLIN also supply rubber hose. They are such as Fuel hose, Radiator hose, EPDM hose, Air intake hose, etc.

 Since our inception, we have worked hard to perfect our products and services to differentiate our company from the competition. We know it’s in every silicone vacuum and radiator hose we ship. As a trusted multinational OEM supplier, you can rest assured that you will receive your products on time and to your specifications. For more information, please call anytime. We are happy to answer any of your questions.