Silicone Coupler

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The silicone rubber coupling and silicone coupler are the molded rubber part used to connect the intake pipes of diesel powered vehicles and heavy equipment. These engine components can withstand high temperatures while providing strength and flexibility. Generally, custom silicone couplers are used for mobile equipment. Such as generating sets, ships and boats, as well as road and off-road equipment. Eg., forestry, mining, construction and agriculture.

Materials of Custom Silicon coupler

Actually for materials of construction, generally we need to think about fabric reinforcements, metal wire and liner materials, etc. As professional silicon tubes manufacturer in China, we provide quality products with lower cost. let’s know the construction below:

1.Fabric reinforcement materials usually adopt polyester or aramid four-layer structure to increase strength and high temperature resistance.
2.The wire reinforcement helps protect the silicone connector from extreme pressures. It also includs vacuum pressures that can cause the silicone connector to collapse.
3.The lining material has special properties. Eg., fluorocarbon gaskets can enhance the resistance of silicone connectors to petrochemical residues.

Custom silicone couplers

Top China custom silicone couplers supplier & manufacturer wholesale silicone coupler ,high quality & cheap pirce. We’re proud of our custom silicone hoses and our ability to deliver superior results to our customers who need custom work done. While we carry a large variety of standard silicone hoses, including straights, elbow hose, hump hose, and heater hose, our custom silicone tube manufacturing is the cornerstone of our business.

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