Reducer Silicone Hose

The black silicone reducer coupler hose is made of 4-layer reinforced high temperature material, meeting or exceeding SAEJ20 standard. Kinglin silicone rubber tube products always made in accordance with industries standard. As experted silicone hose manufacturer, Kinglin could promise its quality of products with lower cost.

Reducer silicone hoses specification

The silicone transition hose is made of 4-layer reinforced knitted high-quality polyester fiber fabric. And the composition also includes high-temperature silicone rubber. Meanwhile silicone rubber is specially designed for extreme temperatures and various pressure ranges requiring high performance levels. Reinforced 4-ply silicone rubber straight coupling reducer hose can provide transition between two tubes of different sizes, which is very useful for transition between intercoolers, turbochargers and intake components and pipes of different sizes. This is the specification of silicone tube below:

1. Temperature range is from -65 degree (F) to +350 degree (F)
2. Hose inside diameter is about 5/8″ > 1″ (16mm > 25mm)
3. Reinforced layers are about 4-ply
4. Outside-diameter of hose is around 1.02″ > 1.38″ (26mm > 35mm)
5. Wall-thickness is up to 5mm according to customers’ demand

Application of Reducer silicone hose

Silicon reducer coupling hose often is used in sorts of industries. eg., in high-performance racing, commercial trucks or buses, ships, agricultural, etc. Certainly, you may also find it out from off-highway vehicles, turbo diesel engines, food and beverage, or general manufacturing industries.

Attention during uses

Uses of reducer silicone hose are throughout many industries. However during uses, we have to pay attention about its compatibility with other substances. There are two points as suggestion below:

1. Silicone hoses are not compatible with fuel or oil.
2. Silicone hoses are compatible with water or antifreeze (e.g. coolant).

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