Silicone hose in new energy vehicle applications

The silicone tube is produced by using environmentally friendly silicon raw materials, using scientific production process, ultra-high and the lower hardness of the blending rubber, functional blending rubber and other characteristics, this product has more extensive adaptability. The new energy automobile silicone tube and silicone shaped tube strip using platinum vulcanization process has the advantages of tasteless, no yellowing, no frost spraying and so on.

In the past, the oil seal on the car is mostly made of nitrile rubber, but with the increase of speed and temperature rise, the lip of nitrile rubber is easy to crack. After changing to high tear-resistant silicone, it is satisfactory to solve the problem. In the past, oil seals on automobiles were mostly made of nitrile rubber, but with the increase of speed and temperature rise, the lip of nitrile rubber was easy to crack. The problem has been solved satisfactorily by changing to high tear-resistant silicone. Silicone ignition cable has the advantages of corona resistance, ozone resistance, fuel saving and no pollution to the environment, etc. It has a long service life and is amine reliable; silicone hose is used as the main part of radiator and heater and has a long service life (5 years) and can be driven at least 800,000km.

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Car Silicone Hose Kits

The new energy car silicone tube is made of additive silicone, high stability, good quality blended silicone, high temperature resistance up to 200 ℃, heating in a sealed environment does not restore. It is processed by scientific formula and advanced technology. The product has the characteristics of soft and stable high temperature resistance. Focus on environmental protection today, silicone tube has gradually replaced many plastic tube products, becoming one of the main materials of choice for all walks of life.

Due to the excellent heat resistance of silicone hose, it can also be used as a flexible joint for turbocharger air piping and oil return piping, where the temperature is as high as 205°C, which is unbearable for general organic rubber. Silicone products in keyless door locks, electrical system protection cover, lamp halogen. Lamp shades, awnings, etc. have been used successfully and will be used more and more.

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