Transparency PVC Shower Seal Strip




Automotive, electrical cabinet, packing etc


-40°C to +70°C


black, red, blue, gray, green, yellow etc, give us pantone No. will be ok


Many exsit moulds for you choose, also accept OEM, send us drawing or sample


100mm in length. Made from quality plastic and will last years.

Ideal for shower screens between 6 – 12mm thick.

Perfect to seal gaps between your Screen & Bath OR Screen & Floor.

Product Description

Hot Sell Transparency PVC Shower Seal Strip

【High Quality】The frameless shower door bottom seal is made of high-quality PVC seal strip, non-toxic, odorless, highly compressible, and non-deformable, with the closest transparency to glass, and will not turn yellow after years of use.
【Multifunctional】The shower door seal is mainly used as a shower in the bathroom shower, waterproof and effectively prevents the water from overflowing in the bathroom and keeps the bathroom clean. Windproof, weatherproof, dustproof, and soundproof.
【Easy to Install】This glass door seal is elastic and easy to cut to the desired length. Simply adjust it to the desired size with scissors, then place the weatherstrip under the shower door and push up from the side to fully secure the weatherstrip to the glass, no adhesive is required. (Please wipe the glass door before installation)

PVC Seal Strip Special Features

1. Non-slip clip design, no glue required, suitable for straight glass.
2. Material: High-quality PVC material, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.
3. For glass: 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm thickness, Buckle design, no need to stick, easy to install.
4.Color:Transparent,white blue,super clear
5. Feature: High weatherproof and transparent performance, Water-resistant, cold-resistant, aging-resistant, dust-resistant, Good quality, exquisite craft.
6. Extrusion: All seals can be extruded flexible, semi-rigid, or rigid in PVC or EVA.
7. Glass Thickness: For 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm glass thickness.
(You can contact us for custom sizes)

PVC Seal Strip Application

Widely used in the shower room, steam room screen door, and other building materials.


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