Rubber Heater Hose

1. color: black
2. material: epdm
3. the size can be produced: 5-200mm
(note: the inner diameter and outer diameter error rate of all hose is±0.5mm)
4. surface: smooth surface pure rubber, smooth surface add thread, and mat surface add fabric
5. type: straight rubber tube, shaped rubber tube
6. specification: 20m/roll
7. working temperature: -30oc~150oc
8. hardness: 70±5a

Product Description

SAE J20 R3 Car Heater Hose Coolant Hose Rubber Hose mandrel built radiator hose suitable for delivering hot water SAE J20R3 D2 (low oil resistance, high temperature resistance, premium service)

rubber heater hose Application:

For conveyance of hot water predominantly in vehicles

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