Polyurethane foam seal strip

(1)With about 10 years of production experience, the quality of our products will be guaranteed and it can provide an excellent seal for the application
(2)It provides excellent sound insulation, noise reduction, superior heat preservation,energy-saving performance
(3)Many colors: white, light grey, brown, black, silver gray

Product Description

Polyurethane foam seal strip manufacture

Cladding-type sealing strips are made from PU foam with high resilience, including PE film and PP frame, including self-adhesive seal profile and slot seal profile, which are mainly used in doors and windows to provide an excellent seal property.

Polyurethane foam seal strip Features

Material: Polyurethane foam
100% brand new and high quality.
With strong resilience after extrusion, good for anti-collision
Windproof, Excellent aging resistance, easy to cut and easy to install, no requires specialist tool.
Be widely used in all kinds of sliding windows, sliding doors, security doors, closet doors and etc, reduce the damage to your doors and windows.
Reduce the noise from outside and the sliding door, giving you a quiet and comfortable living environment.
All-season protection against, moisture, drafts, dust, and insects, bring you a comfortable life.
Preventing dust collection, and can resist rain and cold wind, giving you a clean and warmer environment.

Polyurethane foam seal strip Product Description

PU foam rubber strip for bronze security door seal is for kerf-fitted wood or metal doors and French Style doors. It efficiently restricts air, light, water, and sound infiltration.

Polyurethane Weather Seal Advantages:
Friendly to environment
Anti-compression, superior elasticity
PE film anti-abrasion,anti-aging, anti-corrosion
Various color for choice: black, white, brown, grey 7 color is available.
Easily installation

PE film provides a basic quality guarantee and a nice appearance
PU has excellent plasticity and extensibility

Wide Application:

This door seal strip is suitable for replacing existing or old seal strips. It forms a tight seal with the door frame and can be dustproof, weatherproof, and block hot and cold air. It is easier to disassemble and install and brings you a comfortable living environment.

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