EPDM Foam Rubbrer Seal Strip

Product Superiority

1. Made in rubber EPDM.
2. Excellent inherent high and low-temperature ranges.
3. Typically -60 ° C to +120 ° C for standard compounds.
4. EPDM is essentially resistant to attack by oxygen, UV, ozone, and extreme weather environments, and provides an extended service under these conditions.
5. Chemical resistance, resistant to many solvents.
6. Good resistance to many corrosive chemicals.

Product Description

EPDM Foam Rubbrer Seal Strip manufacturer

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The foamed sealing strip is a kind of sealing strip that uses the characteristics of certain materials to make air holes appear inside it through processing. Divided into EPDM foam sealing strip, silicone foam sealing strip, and PU foam sealing strip. The foam sealing strip is formed by a microwave vulcanization process at one time, and the surface is smooth and beautiful, without joints.
It has good elasticity and compression deformation resistance and excellent aging resistance. Excellent flame retardant performance, low smoke, and low toxicity; stable product performance, and high dimensional accuracy.

EPDM Foam Rubber Seal Strip Prodcut Application

1. automotive: door, truck, truck crap, window seals spacers for wheel wells, window weather stripping

2. building products: curtain wall frames, OEM window seals, door seals slider door seals, tract and channel seals

3. window and door: various door seals, edge guards, egress window frames, garage door seals.



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