Extruded EPDM Rubber Seal Strip


Seal strip





Temperature Resistance



Excellent weather, ageing and chemical resistance

Top rubber sealing strip manufacturer, specializing in the production of sealing strip products, extruded rubber sealing strips, automotive door, and window sealing strips, etc. They have strong plasticity, good elasticity, pressure setting resistance, chemical aging resistance, and ozone resistance. It can be produced according to customer samples or drawings.

Product Description

customized epdm rubber seal strip Product Characteristics:

1 Excellent weather resistance, long-term resistance to cold, hot, dry, and suitability

2 Strong heat resistant air aging, can be used for a long time at 100-120%C

3 Excellent ozone resistance, applied in different weather index, exposed to the air on the building, more can show the advantages of its products

4 Anti-ultraviolet radiation, for high-rise buildings to provide environmental protection

customized epdm rubber seal strip Product Application:

1. Widely used in sealing air, water, or chemicals in machines from dust and oil
2. Apply to the automobile and the vehicle profession which are high oil-proof,
inflaming retarding, high-temperature resistance, and strong anti-corrosion.
3. Medium and small military electronic computer case and microwave waveguide system
4. Aviation, spaceflight, ships, and other military shelter and military electronic equipment;
5. Electronic products (such as computer chassis, mobile phones), telecommunications,
and high-frequency control equipment;
6. Electric power, railways, and another harsh environment of electronic equipment.

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