Silicone Door Seal Strip

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Product Description

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The sealing strip produced with silicone rubber has a transparent and smooth appearance, is soft and elastic, non-toxic, and tasteless.

It has good elasticity (Shore 35-75 degrees), high and low-temperature resistance (-80 ° C to +260 ° C), and is not easy to age.

No deformation, slight acid, and alkali resistance.

In addition, it also has good performance in ozone resistance, solvent resistance, and electrical insulation. It is the first choice for seals in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronic and mechanical industries.

The tube made has excellent high-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistance, good physiological stability,
excellent back deformation, ozone resistance, and UV resistance,

Silicone Door Seal Strip Prodcut Features

silicone rubber seal strip
Material Silicone
Color Red, Black, white, blue, etc, or as your requirement
Hardness 30~45 shore A
Temperature Resistance -50°C~230°C(conventional), Special Material -60°C~260°C(customized)
1. High-temperature resistance
2. Ozone and waterproof performance
3. Excellent weather, aging, and chemical resistance
4. Excellent sealing property
5. Environmental protection avirulent insipidity, high elastic, high tensile

Silicone Seal Strip Prodcut Application

Automobile, industrial electrical equipment, door, and window

It has been applied to various industries such as automobiles, doors and windows, cabinets, refrigerators, containers, etc. According to the requirements of different industries, special products such as automobile sealing strips, mechanical sealing strips, door, and window sealing strips, etc. have been developed successively, so they are widely used in electronic electricians. , lighting, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery and equipment, textile and chemical fiber, automotive, and other sealing industries.

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