Auto PVC Seal Strip

Product Description

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Auto PVC Seal Strip Product Presentation

Each metal clip/plate is fixed in its channel and forms a flexible and durable spine structure.
The strip is metal lined and it has 4 1mm inner hook-type grippy lips/grippers in the U-shaped channel which attach very strongly to the surface and provide secure fitment. Also, the flexible metal clips clamp to the door edge very strong and protect from heavy damage, deep cracks, and deep paint chips.
The strip is both flexible and elastic, strong and durable.
Waterproof and washable

It makes those ugly, nasty door edge paint chips disappear quickly and dress up the vehicle.

Auto PVC Seal Strip Product Parameters

Product Name Rubber Seal Strip
Material solid EPDM rubber, sponge EPDM rubber, Metal
Color Black, any other color is available
Tensile strength 10MPA
Temperature -40°C – 170°C
Size and Design According to the 2D or 3D drawing
Application Automobile, industrial electrical equipment, door, and window
Certificate IATF 16949:2016
Production Method Extrusion
Feature Weather resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, elasticity, long life
Packing details Each root is put in firm plastic, I.D.3-5cm bag.
50-150 meters/Roll in standard exported packing
Or according to customers’ requirements.


Super fast and easy to install

(do not require special skills or tools (ie rivets, screws, glue, etc), push-on installation, just push and rubber grippers and metal clips will hold tight)

Auto door edge guard installs along the auto door edge to protect the painted surface.

Best way to protect your car door edge from chips and scratches!

Auto PVC Seal Strip Product Application

This strip is suitable for all kinds of door edges, cars, vans, pickups, buses, trucks, lorries, campers, etc.
For exterior and interior use, domestic use, residential doors, offices, building constructions, in the garage, sealing, protecting, decorating, and coating different kinds of sheet metals, profiles, panels, appliances, devices, thin covers, lids, shelves, etc. It is suitable for different glazings, mirrors, and glasses which can be edged and protected from being chipped due to its metal clips inside or to avoid cut injuries.

This strip does not have an adhesive bead in the U-shaped channel so it allows being fitted and then removed at any time without changing its shape and without leaving any traces on the surface.
This strip can also be fitted on sharp edges with about 90 angles.

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