How to remove the yellowing on the silicone tube?

With a large number of experiments with silicone products, silicone products have slowly become a necessity in the production of people, the general silicone products are colored, most of them are black. There are also some silicone primary color, that is, colorless translucent, why some of these silicone products will become yellow after a period of time, what is the reason?

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Reasons for the yellowing of silicone tubes

1.It may be the quality of the silicone raw material itself.

Generally speaking, we will put some anti-yellowing elements inside the silicone raw materials to prevent the silicone products from turning yellow, but after molding, we still find the side yellow, then it may be because the anti-yellowing materials inside the silicone raw materials have problems;

If the silicone material is good, then the color difference is very small, but if the silicone material is poor, then it is difficult to avoid yellowing, so sometimes even if you add a lot of anti-yellowing elements, but due to the problem of silicone material is still very likely to turn yellow;

2. It may also be the production process.

If the temperature of the production mold is too high or the vulcanization process time is long, then it may also cause the color of silicone products to turn yellow, which requires us to strictly control the temperature of the production mold and the vulcanization time of the product in the production results, if there is no good control, there will be a lot of conditions occur.

3. Other reasons

There is also the use of vulcanizing agent dose is not correct, or mixing is not enough, vulcanization time is too long and other production errors, resulting in the quality of silicone products is not up to par, will also cause the final product failed, easy to turn yellow.

The way to remove the yellowing on silicone tube

1.Disinfection solution treatment

White silicone yellowing need to use disinfectant treatment, first of all, the disinfectant solution will be added to water mixed dilution, and then the white silicone into which soaked 20 minutes time, the white silicone surface of the yellow material will be gradually decomposed under the action of disinfectant solution.

2.rubber wipe

White silica gel yellowing can use rubber wipe processing, use rubber wipe white silica gel, the use of friction to remove the yellow material on its surface, after the white silica gel coated with a layer of alcohol, wait for its natural evaporation, you can remove the yellow material on white silica gel.

3.hydrogen peroxide soaking

White silica gel yellowing can use hydrogen peroxide soaking treatment, white silica gel into hydrogen peroxide soaking 48 hours, hydrogen peroxide has a certain corrosive, can make the surface of white silica gel yellowing material dissolved in hydrogen peroxide, can be cleaned white silica gel.

The correct use of silicone products.

1. Suitable location for storage.

Silicone supplies should not be placed under strong sunlight for a long time, which will make the structure of silicone change, silicone appliances will therefore crack, gradually harden and fracture. So silicone products need to be kept in a cool place with suitable temperature.

2. Suitable method of maintenance.

If the silicone products get dirty in the process of use, you can use water to rinse, and then use a rag to dry. If there is oil, glue, dust or dirt, we can then wipe the surface of the item with toothpaste or windex, which can effectively remove the stain without residue. Or use alcohol, soap, can also have a significant effect, do not worry about discoloration, and effectively prevent silicone products from yellowing and blackening.

After cleaning, please dry the items and keep them in a dry and cool place, avoiding the environment of exposure to the sun and oil and smoke.

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