Are silicone vacuum hoses better than rubber?

When one is considering upgrading a vehicle’s standard rubber hose, why is silicone vacuum hose the choice over rubber?

Below we answer some of the most common questions, including the superiority of silicone, the impact on performance, and the applications for which silicone may not be suitable.

Food Grade Silicone TubingWhy are silicone vacuum hoses better than rubber hoses?

There are several reasons why silicone tubing is often considered superior to rubber. Below we give just 5 examples of silicone’s advantages

1.Flexibility and resilience

Compared to rubber, silicone vacuum tubing offers superior flexibility. Unlike rubber hoses, silicone hoses maintain this flexibility for the life of the hose. This reduces the risk of your hose splitting, hardening or dry rotting.

2.Long life span

Silicone vacuum hoses have an almost permanent lifespan that may outlast your car. Because they have such a long service life, they have a lower average cost per mile compared to rubber hoses, despite their higher upfront cost.

3.Operating Temperature Range

One of the main reasons people switch to silicone vacuum hoses is the operating temperature, which is related to thermodynamics. The concept of silicone tubing is that you replace standard hose so it doesn’t expand and heat up under pressure. Silicone hoses are capable of transporting fluids at much higher temperatures than rubber. If you are building a race car, or adding a turbocharger to your engine, silicone is the way to go.

4.Noise and vibration control

Silicone has a good ability to suppress sound and vibration, maintaining a quiet and stable profile. Rubber is known to be a source of noise due to friction between the rubber and the mating surfaces.


One of the most obvious advantages of upgrading hoses under the hood is their appearance. The color of the silicone vacuum hose range means that they are often a favorite of car enthusiasts who like to show off their engine compartment. The bright blue and red hoses can really set off the engine. But if you’re not into colorful interiors, silicone hoses are also available in black.reinforced silicone hose

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