Silicone water hose

high temperature resistant, high pressure, anti-explosion, anti-aging, beautify the cabin

Silicone rubber high-pressure fittings used for

Silicone rubber high-pressure fittings are widely used in high-performance cars and locomotives for retrofitting purposes. The reinforced fittings are at least double the pressure and temperature resistance and safety than the original fittings used in general automobiles. EPDM’s safe working temperature is -15℃~120℃, but the engine room often exceeds 120℃, under such environment, the rubber of traditional fittings will deteriorate rapidly.
Over time, rubber aging pipe will harden the ability to withstand high pressure and high temperature is greatly reduced, often due to high engine water tank temperature pipe aging, pipe can not withstand the pressure and burst the phenomenon. In the cold region traditional pipe cold temperature -15 ℃ ~ -25 ℃, but there are many areas of winter temperature is much lower than -15 ℃, as long as the rubber exceeds the maximum cold temperature, rubber more than the limit of the temperature will be cured, it is easy to start the engine, due to engine shaking, injury to the engine room inside the pipe.

Advantages of Silicone rubber high-pressure pipe

Silicone rubber high-pressure pipe is a new pipe developed in recent years, because the safe working temperature of silicone rubber itself is -40℃~220℃, and the material characteristics are polymeric materials, so it will not be aging or hardening due to the lack of temperature resistance. In order to resist high pressure at 36921, 3~4 layers of nylon mesh are added to the inside of the tubing to greatly strengthen the tubing’s ability to resist high pressure and high temperature, and each tubing can operate normally at least at 4 bar. In-plant safety test, the maximum pressure at 98℃ is 8 bar for 3 hours, and the expansion rate of the fittings is less than 10. The smoothness of the inner wall of silicone fittings is incomparable to the original fittings. The smoothness of the inner wall of the fittings directly affects the smoothness of water flow and airflow, and when the engine is operated violently, the smoothness of heat dissipation and air intake is an important factor that directly affects the efficiency of the engine.
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Silicone water pipe characteristics: (high temperature and high pressure resistance)

◆Silicone hose has non-toxic, environmental protection, high transparency, strong resilience, permanent compression resistance, UV resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics.
Heat resistance: Silicone has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber and can be used almost forever at 150 degrees without performance change; it can be used continuously for 10,000 hours at 200 degrees and for some time at 350 degrees.
Hardness: the softest imported silicone is 40±5 degrees, the softest domestic silicone is 50±5 degrees, and the hardest is 80±5 degrees.
◆The smallest inner diameter of silicone tube is 5mm, the thinnest wall thickness is 2mm, and the largest outer diameter is 500mm.
◆Material standard: silicone rubber, fiber layer plus layer
◆Standing pressure: 0.3-0.9Mpa
◆Common name: laminated silicone hose, straight hose, tensile strength resistant hose, high temperature and wear resistant automotive silicone hose.
◆Silicone: aging resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and other advantages.
◆Working temperature range: -65 degrees -250 degrees
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