When to choose silicone hoses over rubber hoses

Silicone Hoses Have Many Benefits Over Traditional Rubber Hoses.

In the previous blog, we compared the advantages and disadvantages of silicone hoses and rubber tubes to help you better distinguish. The use of silicone tubes has many advantages, mainly including that it has a larger working range, greater elasticity and flexibility can promote more efficient industrial production activities.

But in not every situation silicone tube is applicable. Silicone hoses are ideal for high-temperature and chemical-resistant applications, while rubber hoses are more affordable and suitable for low-pressure applications. That’s why, today, we’ve set out to help you understand when to use silicone hoses and when to stick with traditional rubber hoses.

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When to choose silicone hoses over rubber hoses?

When to choose silicone hoses:

Vacuum Hoses

Silicone hoses are popular for replacing vacuum hoses in vehicles and are of great help to the driving of the car. The main reasons are: 1. The strength of silicone hoses is greater than vacuum hoses, and they are exposed to extreme conditions for a long time during the working process of the car It can also operate for a long time under the environment and provide sufficient resistance;

2. The high-temperature resistance of the silicone hose is high. As time goes by, the temperature inside the car will continue to rise, and the vacuum hose will crack due to high temperature, etc., but the use of a silicone hose can avoid this situation.

Coffee Machines

Silicone tubing is an excellent choice for coffee makers for two main reasons. Firstly, Silicone hoses can withstand high temperatures. Making it ideal for use in coffee makers where hot water and steam are involved. It can withstand temperatures up to 200°C, making it suitable for use in the brewing process. Where hot water is used to extract coffee flavors and aromas.

Whether you have a standard coffee machine, espresso machine, or cappuccino machine, the silicone hose provides the reliability and durability you need. Secondly, Silicone tubing is resistant to chemicals such as detergents, acids, and alkalis.

It can withstand exposure to cleaning agents and other chemicals used in coffee makers for cleaning and maintenance purposes. This makes it an ideal choice for use in the milk delivery system. Where cleaning agents often applicate to sanitize the system.


Silicone hoses are also suitable for many manufacturing industries and play an important role in different industries. If you use silicone hoses in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology applications, you will benefit from their high strength, durability, and high-temperature resistance. Best of all, in Hinglin silicone manufacture, we will determine the exact model and size of the hose for you based on your applicable purpose, no matter the model and size are determined by you.

Radiator Hoses

Radiator hoses play an important role in a vehicle’s engine, helping prevent the vehicle from overheating and causing breakdowns. Silicone tubing can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for use in radiator hoses where the hot coolant is flowing.

It can withstand temperatures up to 200°C, making it suitable for use in high-performance engines that generate a lot of heat. While rubber hoses come standard with radiator hoses, replacing them with silicone hoses can greatly increase their lifespan!

Additionally, this type of hose also can withstand high pressure, making it suitable for use in high-performance engines where the coolant needs to be circulated at high pressure. It is for these two main reasons that replacing your coolant hoses with silicone hoses can give you extra peace of mind.

KInglin silicone hoses
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Applications of Kinglin silicone hoses


If you are an aquarist you can upgrade the air filter or air stone in the aquarium to a silicone hose system. While silicone is a more expensive option, silicone lasts and lasts longer, doesn’t harden as quickly, and creates a tighter connection between air fittings, creating a tighter seal. And there are a variety of colors to choose from to enhance the overall aesthetics.


Homebrewers know that for the brewing process to proceed smoothly, a hose is needed to transport the wort to different devices. Silicone hose is a good choice. This type of hose can resist a wide range of chemicals commonly used in homebrewing, such as acids, alkalis, and solvents.

This makes it ideal for use in transferring liquids such as beer, wine, or spirits. There is no need to worry about detergent and other substances getting into your beer. It’s also food-safe and heat resistant, both ideal qualities for hose used in home brewing.

Catheter Tubing

Silicone hoses are commonly used in catheter tubing due to their unique properties that make them well-suited for this purpose. Firstly, Silicone hoses are flexible and can be easily bent and molded to fit various applications. This makes them ideal for use in catheter tubing where the hose needs to be routed through tight spaces.

Secondly, these hoses are flexible and can be easily bent and molded to fit various applications. This makes them ideal for use in catheter tubing where the hose needs to be routed through tight spaces.


In recent years, rubber hoses, which are one of the standard devices in dairy production, have been replaced by silicone hoses for the following reasons: In recent years, rubber hoses, which are one of the standard devices in dairy production, have begun to be replaced by silicone hoses.

The main reasons are as follows: Once exposed to high temperatures and exposed to ultraviolet rays, rubber hoses will decompose. Severe decomposition over time affects food safety; silicone hose is an inorganic polymer that makes dairy products safer while providing a higher working temperature range;

Kinglin silicone hoses manufacture
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Kinglin silicone manufacture

Are there cases when silicone hoses aren’t ideal?

Certainly! While silicone hoses are suitable for many applications. It is important to consider the specific requirements of each application when selecting a hose material. Silicone is permeable to fuel and oil. So we do not recommend its use in any application where the hose may come into contact with fuel or oil.

Although silicone is waterproof, water molecules can escape through the wall of the silicone tube. Which is more suitable for racing cars and high-performance cars and is not suitable for our daily driving vehicles?
Shop Kinglin silicone manufacture today to find the silicone hoses you need for any and every application. Since the silicone hose has good properties. Such as high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for different application scenarios. The above only shows the surface function of the hose.

In Kinglin Silicone manufacture, we provide you with high-quality silicone hoses to meet your different application needs. Committed to providing humanized services, customizing silicone hoses in combination with the specific specifications you provide to meet various needs. Let us show you a large variety of different qualities of silicone hose that can be in your life. Shop with us today and contact us to learn more about getting a custom hose!

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