weather stripping door seal strip

Product Description

Product Description

PU foam sealing strip is made from PU foam with high rslnce, PE film, pp skeleton, strong sel-adhesie tape, which are mainly used in sealing door and window. As a praduct can instea in wool weatherstrip and rubber seal strip, it has much more excellent performance. The sealing and sound insulation performance are both better than other seal strips, and it has a long time service life, not easy to age. The open cells foam make sure that when the window or door is closed, it can turn thin and leak tight that seal the gaps better. The most important point is it has a gorgeous surfaces, so it is very popular in Europe and America countries.
Due to Transportation, Weather Stripping Door Seal Will Have Creases, But Which Will Not Affect The Sealing Function of The V-Shaped Seal to The Door, and The Creases Will Automatically Rebound Over Time.

There are two types: sef-adhesive type and slotting type.


Don’t stick with paint
Good air tightness, environmental protection
Good fire resistance
Good sound insulation performance
Good elastic recovery performance
Shelf life of up to 20 years


1. Superior heat preservation and energy-saving performance, reduce 10%-15% of thermal lsses

2. Excellent sound insulation

3. With the backing adhesive tape, it will not fall off for long-term use

4. With surface coating, good resistance to abrasion, aging, uv and water erosion

5. With about 20 years production experience, our products quality will be guaranteed and it can provide a excellent seal for the application.

6. It provide excellent sound insulation, noise reduction and superior heat preservation, energy-saving performance. 7. Many colors: white, light gray, brown, black, silver gray.

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