Automotive Silicone Hose


Automotive Silicone Hose


Silicone rubber + Fabric reinforcement

Working Temperatures

-60 ° C ~ 260 ° C



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Product Description

Automotive Silicone Hose-Kinglin factory Provides High Quality Service

Automotive silicone hoses are an important component in many vehicles, as they are designed to withstand high temperatures and pressure, making them ideal for use in engines, cooling systems, and other applications. Kinglin factory is known for providing high quality automotive silicone hoses and excellent service to their customers.

Kinglin Automotive silicone hoses factory uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to manufacture their automotive silicone hoses, ensuring that they are durable and reliable. Their hoses are resistant to heat, pressure, and chemicals, making them a great choice for a wide range of automotive applications.

In addition to its high-quality products, Kinglin Factory is committed to providing excellent customer service. They have a team of experts who can help customers select the right silicone hose for their specific application, and they offer fast and efficient shipping to ensure that customers receive their orders on time.

Overall, if you are in need of high-quality automotive silicone hoses, the Kinglin factory is definitely worth considering. With their commitment to quality and customer service, they are a trusted provider of silicone hoses for many different industries and applications.

Automotive Silicone Hose

Kinglin Automotive Silicone Hose manufacture

Automotive silicone hose manufacturing involves meticulous attention to material selection, hose design, and fabrication techniques. These hoses offer benefits such as high-temperature resistance. Superior flexibility, and enhanced performance, make them essential components in various automotive applications.

By understanding the manufacturing process and considering key factors. Kinglin silicone manufacturers produce high-quality silicone hoses that meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. Combining different application requirements and model requirements of customers to provide corresponding products to meet all customer needs

Our advantages are as below :

  • 10 years experience in producing silicone hose.
  • 8 years OEM.OEM service.
  • Factory price.
  • Lead time fast. (most important )
  • Quality ensured.
  • Focusing On Temperature Resistance and Performance
  • Focusing On Durability and Flexibility
  • Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations
  • Tailor-made product specifications

Automotive Silicone Hose

Benefits Of Our Products :

1. Enhanced Performance and Reliability

Silicone hoses exhibit exceptional resistance to high temperatures. Allowing them to withstand the heat generated by the engine and other systems. This property ensures reliable performance. Minimizing the risk of hose failure due to heat-related issues.

2. Superior Flexibility and Versatility

Automotive silicone hoses possess excellent flexibility. Allowing for easy installation and routing in tight spaces. Their versatility enables their use in a wide range of automotive systems. Including cooling, intake, and turbocharger applications, enhancing the overall functionality of the vehicle.

3. Enhanced Performance and Reliability

With their temperature resistance, durability, and compatibility with different fluids. Automotive silicone hoses contribute to the overall performance and reliability of automotive systems. They provide efficient coolant flow and prevent leaks. And ensure proper air intake, optimizing the vehicle’s functionality and extending its lifespan.

Automotive Silicone Hose Product Specification:

Product automotive silicone hose
Material Silicone rubber + Fabric reinforcement
Reinforcement Polyester cloth or Aramid cloth
Temperature -60 ° C ~ 260 ° C
Colors transparent, white, black, red, yellow, green (can also be required to produce)
Pressure 0.3Mpa~1.2Mpa
Shape Straight hose
45/90/135/180-degree elbow hose
hump hose
reducer hose
silicone hose kits
L/Y/S/Z shape or any customized shape
Inner Diameter 6mm ~ 135mm or according to the customer’s requirement
OEM/ODM Available
Antibiosis and anti-corrosion property good
thickness 2mm-6mm
Hardness 35~80 shore A
We also could produce special shape products according to customer’s drawings or samples.


Automotive Silicone Hose Product Application:

Cooling System

The cooling system of an automobile relies on the efficient circulation of coolant to maintain optimal engine temperature. Silicone hoses play a crucial role in this system, particularly in the following applications:

Radiator Hoses

Silicone radiator hoses connect the engine block to the radiator. Allowing the circulation of coolant. These hoses must withstand high temperatures and pressure fluctuations. While providing reliable coolant flow between the two components.

Heater Hoses

Heater hoses transport hot coolant from the engine to the vehicle’s heating system. Providing warmth to the cabin. Silicone heater hoses exhibit excellent heat resistance and flexibility. Ensuring efficient heat transfer and reliable performance.

Intercooler Hoses

Intercooler hoses are responsible for carrying compressed and cooled air from the turbocharger or supercharger to the engine. Silicone intercooler hoses offer heat resistance and durability. Handling the high temperatures and pressures associated with forced induction systems.

Intake System

The intake system supplies air to the engine, and silicone hoses play a vital role in ensuring proper airflow and performance. Additionally, the following applications demonstrate the importance of silicone hoses in the intake system

Automotive Silicone Hose

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