Custom silicone hoses manufacturer

Silicone hoses are a reliable and efficient choice for circulating coolants in a variety of industries. It includes automotive, marine, and aerospace. Meanwhile, it is famous and popluar to use as Silicone Radiator Hose. As leading silicone hoses manufacturer in China, not only we provide quality silicone products, but we also customize for our oversea customers. So you are willing to ask buyers call us as custom silicone hoses manufacturer.

Radiator Hose By Silicone Materials

It is a high performance hose made of silicone rubber that offers excellent heat resistance, durability and flexibility. They are commonly used in automotive, industrial and marine applications requiring a reliable and durable cooling system.

Silicone Hose For Coolant Use

Normally, silicone hoses are great for water cooling systems. Why it is so popular for coolant uses? These hoses have several advantages over traditional rubber hoses. It includes better heat resistance, increased durability, and improved flexibility. When selecting silicone hose for use with coolant, it is important to consider the temperature and pressure requirements of the application. Silicone hose can withstand high temperatures typically up to 350°F (175°C). And its pressures is up to 100psi.

KINGLIN, Silicone Hoses Manufacturer In China

KINGLIN, is a leading silicone hose manufacturer in China. Because we always provide quality silicone hose and hose products. Such as silicone radiator hose, silicone hump hose and silicone vacuum hose etc. During this period, not only our products focus on quality, but also we provide various high-quality services for domestic and foreign manufacturers. These services Include, OEM services, Custom silicone hoses services, etc. As trusted custom silicone hoses manufacturer, we have cooperated with oversea customers for over 10 years.

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