China rubber hose for sale

Rubber hoses are widely used in conveying systems in pipes and elbows. And also consider in pipe systems that require a certain degree of natural flexibility. Its special properties also make it ideal for systems conveying fragile, abrasive or sticky materials. As leading rubber hose China manufacturer, not only we provide China rubber hose for sale, but we also tell you more detail about rubber hoses.

Rubber Hose For Vehicle Engine System

Rubber hoses also are an essential component of any vehicle’s engine system. They help to transport fluids such as coolant, fuel, and oil from one part of the engine to another. As sincere reminding, please find the leading rubber hose manufacturer to purchase in bulk. Like us, especially, China rubber hose for sale to oversea market.

Top 4 Rubber Hose Types

The coolant hose is designed to carry engine coolant from the radiator to the engine. They are usually made of reinforced rubber or silicone and are resistant to high temperatures and pressures.

The heater hose is used to carry hot coolant from the engine to the heater core. Hot coolant used to heat the interior of the vehicle. They are usually made of reinforced rubber or silicone. Certainly, they are resistant to high temperatures.

Fuel hoses are designed to carry gasoline or diesel. Finally, gasoline or diesel are from the fuel tank to the engine. They are usually made of reinforced rubber or braided nylon. So that to resist the corrosive effects of the fuel.

Vacuum hoses are used to control various engine components. Such as brake boosters, PCV valves and emission control systems. Vacuum rubber hoses are usually made of reinforced rubber or silicone. Thanks to the rubbers of resistant to heat and pressure.

KINGLIN, China Rubber Hose Manufacturer

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