car silicone hose

China silicone hose suppliers use special rubber to replace ordinary rubber products in multiple fields, especially in the automotive industry, with its unique and excellent performance. According to the specific requirements of different rubber components in automobiles, different special rubber materials should also be selected accordingly. Car silicone hose is gradually adopting special rubber to meet higher performance requirements. China Rubber Technology Network provides a platform for rubber technology, natural rubber, rubber price information, rubber training and learning, and rubber information exchange, learning, and trading for friends engaged in the rubber industry. We strive to create a rubber technology information exchange platform that rubber people love the most.

The use of silicone hose for cars varies, and the requirements for the type and performance of the rubber used also vary. The selection of materials should be based on their flame resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature flexibility, and sealing ability. Sometimes, the same device may also use different materials, mainly depending on the application temperature, the type of fuel and oil, and the design requirements of the car.

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