blue silicone heater hose

The correct installation method for blue silicone heater host

When fixing and installing the silicone heater host, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the operation method is reasonable. Some users do not pay attention to the application method when using the heating belt, so the ideal heating purpose cannot be achieved, which will have an impact on actual production work.

Before installation, the environment needs to be checked. The heating belt can only achieve its ideal application purpose in a flat area. This way, users only need to install the heating belt before it can be put into use. If it is uneven, the working effect of the heating belt will also be affected.

It can also be installed by vulcanizing and synthesizing exposed or anodized aluminum oxide, stainless steel, marble, or other hard surfaces in the factory to achieve permanent connections and excellent heat transfer. Place the uncured silicone rubber heating wire on the metal part, then place it in a vacuum oven, vulcanize and adhere to the part in one operation.

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