Is silicone hose oil resistant ?

Fluorosilicone Silicone Hoses

Many people ask if the silicone tube is oil resistant. Standard silicone tubing offers excellent durability and resistance for a wide range of uses.
But the standard tube is porous, so it is not suitable for use in oil, oil mist, and fuel, we can provide fluorosilicone hose. Fluorosilicone hose has excellent resistance to oil, fuel, oil mist, and other chemicals, preventing oil from penetrating the pipe wall. Our factory specializes in the production of customized silicone hoses, which can be customized with samples or drawings. Our factory can meet any of your customized requirements. Perfect products.

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Fluorosilicone rubber is a material with significantly higher chemical resistance than silicone. Compatible with fuel, oil, water, and antifreeze, fluorosilicone hoses are reinforced with 3 to 5 layers of polyester, aramid, or Nomex (customizable upon customer request) Therefore Has a very high ability to withstand pressure and temperature.

Silicone Hoses manufacturer-kinglin

Main features of fluorosilicone tube

1. Fluorosilicone hose Oil resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical resistance.
Compared to silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, and chemical resistance.
2. Fluorosilicone hose is anti-aging and has a long service life.
3. Fluorosilicone hoses can be widely used in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical, oven, food, and other industrial sectors as good electrical insulation sealing, and liquid conveying materials.
4.  Fluorosilicone rubber hose is made of high-quality fluorosilicone rubber, which is resistant to wear, has good flexibility, high-temperature resistance, and good stability, and can be widely used in the insulation protection of household appliances and industrial appliances

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We do not recommend the use of fluorosilicone tubing for frequent use in fuel lines or for a large number of fuel refills. Occasional use in oil and oil mist, fuel is ok, we recommend the use of rubber tubing for continuous contact with fuel, please read the blog What is rubber hose?

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