Benefits Of Silicone Hoses

As life is getting better and better, the usage of cars is also increasing, because the car will release a lot of heat during driving, so the requirements for silicone will be higher.

If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s rubber radiator hoses to silicone hoses, you wondering if it’s worth using silicone hoses,
read below, we’ll cover the benefits of silicone hoses and hopefully, help you decide.

Silicone hose mainly have these advantages in automotive applications:


1. High-temperature resistance

One of the significant factors that people switch from rubber tubing to silicone hoses is the operating temperature. Silicone hose is more heat resistant than rubber hose and can be used from -60 degrees to +180 degrees Celsius, if you are building a racing car or adding a turbo to your engine, silicone is your best choice.

2. Service life

Silicone hose has excellent aging resistance, can last almost forever, and may outlast your car.


3. Flexibility

Silicone hoses are more flexible than rubber hoses, and they maintain this flexibility over their lifespan, which reduces the risk of the hose becoming hard, cracking, exploding, and exploding over time.


4. Noise and Vibration Control

Silicone has excellent sound insulation and shock absorption, maintaining a quiet and stable shape for safety, quality, and longevity. it is always known that friction between rubber and mating surfaces can cause unwanted noise and vibration over time, which will cause the rubber tube to crack.


5. Easy to use and install

Silicone hose is easier to install than rubber hose, over time the rubber hose has the potential to stick to the fitting, and removal can be very difficult, the silicone does not stick to the fitting at all.

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6. Weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance

Compared with rubber tubes, silicone hoses have better weather resistance and are hardly affected by environmental factors such as humidity, drought, ultraviolet rays, and ozone. Under these conditions, the rubber will deteriorate faster. This makes silicone an excellent choice for vehicles operating in harsh environments.

Silicone hose has weak acid and alkali resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation, arc resistance, good physiological inertia, and physiological stability.


7. Beautiful appearance

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Silicone tube not only has performance advantages, but the most obvious advantage is also their beautiful appearance, silicone tube is available in a variety of colors, we have blue, red, green, purple, pink, yellow, black, etc. to make your engine look more vivid.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of silicone hose. Contact us or request a quote today, we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors!

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