silicone hose FAQ

First of all, before learning how to custom bend silicone hose, let me briefly introduce what is silicone hose for you.

What is silicone hose?

Silicone hose is the circulation and covering carrier of liquid, gas and other materials. It is widely used in the insulation protection of all kinds of household appliances, industrial appliances, lighting fixtures, electronic instruments, very suitable for water dispenser and coffee pot water pipes, especially suitable for high temperature insulation treatment, arc resistance treatment, corona resistance treatment.

What is silicone bending?

After bending the silicone tube we will get a silicone bend.

Definition: Silicone bend is the shape of silicone, L-shaped, semi-circular, U-shaped, etc., there are also shaped tubes are also known as “silicone bend”.

Application: mainly used in our daily life of water dispenser, water purifier, juice extractor, etc.. It is also used in the five systems of automobiles, namely cooling system, fuel system, cooling system, power steering system and brake system.

Advantage: Compared with other materials, silicone is better than other materials in terms of abrasion resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance, transparency, and environmental protection.

Bending method 1 (personal use method)

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Sometimes, you may need to bend silicone tubes, especially if they do not have the right form. In this case, you need to bend them to fit your project. If you know the tricks of the trade, bending silicone tubing won’t be as difficult as you think.

Heat the silicone tubing with a heat gun, hair dryer, oven or warm water. Put on plastic gloves or cover the hose with a soft, thick cloth and bend it to the desired angle. You can use an already bent hose or PVC pipe to facilitate the bending. Let it cool for a few minutes to get a permanent shape.

Step 1- Arrange the required tools and materials.

You will need metal springs, a soft but thick cloth, and a heat gun. You have several options to choose from for the heat gun.

However, if you do not have a heat gun, then a hair dryer, soldering iron, butane torch and lighter can also be used to bend the silicone tubing.

The length of the spring should be 10 to 12 inches and its width should depend on the width of the silicone tube.

Step 2- Insert the spring.

Insert the tube inside the silicone tube. Make sure there are no obstructions and that the entire spring is inserted properly.

Step 3- Heat the hose with a heat gun.

Turn on the heat gun and set its temperature to 300°F. Place the silicone tube on the table and heat it from all sides. For a medium sized tube, 4 to 5 minutes should be sufficient.

Step 4 – Bend the silicone tube.

Then cover your hand with a cloth and gently bend the hose at any angle you wish. Don’t push too hard or do it too fast, as this may cause the tube to kink. Alternatively, arrange plastic gloves or a soft but thick piece of cloth.

Following the above steps you will get bent silicone hose.

Bending method 2

However, if you want to use it in bulk, the above method is labor-intensive and not feasible. You can order customized silicone bends in bulk.

Custom Silicone Tubing

At kinglin plastic & rubber, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize silicone tubing to our customers’ specifications. Our highly trained engineers and technicians can take a concept from design draft to first product in as little as two weeks. Our on-site tooling design lab allows us to maintain flexibility and industry-leading production lead times. Custom silicone tubing requires a quote and typically takes 3-5 business days to complete.

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Our silicone tubing can be custom engineered and manufactured in a variety of branches, sizes, colors and shapes.

Hoses can be designed with multiple bends and narrowing angles for optimal flow and fit.

Custom silicone hoses can be reinforced with multiple layers, varying thicknesses, high heat fabrics and wire to meet the most extreme conditions.

Our engineers have decades of combined knowledge to help you determine what hose is right for you and get a custom rubber profile that meets your requirements. We want our customers to feel safe knowing that their application specifications are met the first time.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple types of hose to meet your application.
  • Manufactured from the highest quality materials such as neoprene and silicone
  • Highly customizable to meet practical or aesthetic needs.
  • Highest quality engineering analysis.
  • Hose Technical Support

From pressure requirements to temperature ranges, designing hoses can be very complex. That’s why you can consult with our technical support experts.

We can help you determine what specific requirements you need for your custom hose. Once we’ve determined your design, we can run it through our hose testing to make sure your hose can stand up to the wear and tear of your application. Take advantage of our services today!

For more information, Please contact us.

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