The Benefits Of Using Silicone Hose Kits And Hose for Your Car

Rubber hoses are a common sight under the hood of many vehicles. While rubber works well, silicone hose kits and silicone hose offer some key advantages for automotive applications.

Car Silicone Hose Kits

Silicone hose kits for cars typically include:

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  • Silicone hoses – In various lengths and sizes for different applications
  • Clamps – To secure hoses onto fittings
  • Fittings – To connect hoses to other components
  • Adhesives – For bonding hoses to metal or plastic surfaces

The silicone hoses in these kits feature properties that make them superior to traditional rubber hoses:

  • Heat resistance – Silicone can tolerate higher temperatures than rubber.
  • Durability – Silicone is stronger and lasts longer, with a lifespan up to 5 times that of rubber.
  • Flexibility – Silicone remains flexible over a wide temperature range for easy installation.
  • Chemical resistance – Silicone is resistant to fuels, oils, coolants and other automotive fluids.
  • Weather resistance – Silicone is UV resistant for outdoor applications.

Using Silicone Hose Instead Of Rubber Can Benefit Many Systems Under The Hood:

  • Fuel lines – Silicone withstands gasoline, resists methanol fuels and tolerates high pressures.
  • Vacuum lines – Silicone stays flexible at extreme hot or cold temperatures for vacuums.
  • Turbo charger lines – Silicone handles the high heat generated by turbochargers.
  • Radiator and heater hoses – Silicone does not burst or split like rubber at high coolant temperatures.
  • Ducting hoses – Silicone is more resistant to ozone and UV degradation from the sun.
  • Brake lines – Silicone dampens noise and vibration better than rubber.
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