u channel rubber seal strip

Product Description

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality custom rubber seals and extruded rubber seals. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence on every project,

combined with our experience and knowledge of the industries we serve, ensure that your rubber seals will meet or exceed your expectations.

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u channel rubber seal strip Product Parameter

Item seal strip
material EPDM
color black
temperature -40ºC-120ºC
hardness 50-75 shoreA
size can be customized
Produce Technique Extrusion
Quality control ISO/TS 16949:2009
Features Anti-aging, anti-ozone, anti-dust…
Installation Convenient and stable


u channel rubber seal strip Product Superiority

1.Good anti-friction,anti-aging, anti-corrosion effect
2. Weatherproof and can be shaped, molded, painted and screen printed.
3. Non-corrosive, non-toxic, and chemical resistant.
4. Soft with high impact strength.
5. Non-warping and stain-proof.
6. Easy to clean and maintain.
7. Easy to operate, including glue, nail, cut, or shape.

Product Applications

1. Aluminum alloy door, wooden door, auto doors, windows seal, waterproof seal, curtain wall,
noise and crash seal, refrigerator seal, car doors, etc.
2. Sealing strip for Door, Window, Curtain wall, Machinery, Rail cars, Auto, etc.

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