Self-adhesive pu seal strip

Cladding-type sealing strips are made from PU foam with high resilience, including PE film and PP frame, including self-adhesive seal profile and slot seal profile, which are mainly used in doors and windows to provide an excellent seal property.

Product Description

China Self-adhesive PU seal strip characteristics

1. High Resilience Seal Strip: The seal strip is made of high resilience polyurethane foam (PU) and tears resistance polyethylene cover (PE), which is not easy to deform and is tear-resistant, and can be quickly restored after being pressed.

2. Easy to install, very suitable for door frames with slots.

3. Excellent Performance: The weather stripping has excellent weather resistance and compression resistance, soft and high resilience, anti-collision and sound insulation, sealing and energy saving, and is not easy to age.

self adhesive seal strip Application:

This door seal strip is suitable for replacing existing or old seal strips. It forms a tight seal with the door frame and can be dustproof, weatherproof, and block hot and cold air. It is easier to disassemble and install and brings you a comfortable living environment.


A. Good anti-ultraviolet, aging resistance, hydrolysis resistance.

B. high compression rate and low compression deformation 10%.

C. effectively high-impact, reduce loss in transport.

D. arrest noise, dust, sand, water, and insects entering the room, and reduce noise by 35%.

E. the crack between the door and its frame has magnetism, the actuation is hermetic.

F. Slow down the beginning of fire effectively, prolong the time of smoke going around, and increase the opportunity in the fire. (Most can last 90 minutes.)

G. Good resistance to the degree misdemeanors, service life over20 years (practice open or close doors and windows 50000 times)

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