D Shaped Rubber Seal Strip


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Quality control

ISO/TS 16949:2009



EPDM rubber has excellent aging resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, (can be used in a 120-degree environment for a long time), and chemical resistance. EPDM rubber has outstanding steam resistance and is widely used in sealing products such as automobiles, building doors, and windows. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for a quotation and free samples

Product Description

D shaped rubber seals strip-Important parts of industrial production

D shaped rubber seal strips have become indispensable components across industries, serving as reliable sealing solutions in automotive, construction, appliances, and industrial applications. Their innovative design, easy installation, and numerous advantages make them essential for maintaining optimal conditions.

Whether it’s keeping out the elements, dampening noise, or ensuring energy efficiency. As technology continues to advance, these seal strips will likely evolve to meet even more specialized sealing requirements across various sectors.


1. Good anti-friction,anti-aging, anti-corrosion effect
2. Weatherproof and can be shaped, molded, painted, and screen printed.
3. Non-corrosive, non-toxic, and chemical resistant.
4. Soft with high impact strength.
5. Non-warping and stain-proof.
6. Easy to clean and maintain.
7. Easy to operate, including glue, nail, cut, or shape.

D Shaped Rubber Seal Strip

Applications of D Shaped Rubber Seal Strip

1. Automotive and Transportation: D-shaped rubber seal strips find application in sealing windows, doors, trunks, and hoods.

2. Construction and Architecture: D-shaped rubber seal strips play a pivotal role in the construction industry.

3. Appliance Manufacturing: Home appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines.

4. Marine and Nautical Applications: D-shaped rubber seal strips are indispensable in marine environments.

Item seal strip
material EPDM
color black
temperature -40ºC-120ºC
hardness 50-75 shoreA
size can be customized
Produce Technique Extrusion
Quality control ISO/TS 16949:2009
Features Anti-aging, anti-ozone, anti-dust…
Installation Convenient and stable


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D Shaped Rubber Seal Strip

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