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  1. This cold air intake duct enhances filter protection, improves throttle response and restores engine performance.
  2. Extendable up to 80 cm, 360 degrees fully flexible and easy to use.
  3. Made of high quality aluminum and rubber material, high temperature resistance.
  4. Direct clip design, with mounting clip for easy installation.
  5. Reduce noise level and vibration
  6. Can be designed with added flexibility for offset connections
  7. Resist tears and punctures
  8. Won’t harden from exposure to extreme operating temperatures, weather or age

Product Description

Air Cleaner Intake Hose Product Introduction

【Enhanced Filter Protection】: This flexible intake hose maximizes combustion chamber airflow, enhances filter protection, improves throttle response, and restores engine
【Flexibility】: 360 degrees fully flexible
【 High-Quality Material】: The air intake hose is made of high-quality aluminum and rubber material, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and durable.
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Air Intake Hose Product Description

Air Cleaner Intake Hoses will be the perfect replacement for cold air intake system custom applications or ventilated braking systems, maximizing combustion chamber airflow for improved throttle response. The purpose of the air intake system is to provide clean, cool, and dry air for the engine. The Air Intake Hose is an important component within the Air Intake System, the Hose delivers fresh filtered air to the combustion chamber. The Hose is durable, however, fuel economy and the overall performance of a vehicle can be affected significantly when cracks and wear are evident.
To ensure continual engine efficiency we recommend the damaged Hose be replaced immediately.

Name air intake hose
materials EPDM
Production Process Mold Pressing
Authentication ISO/IATF16969
size customizable
colors black
packing PE bags and cartons



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