China air intake hose

If the China air intake hose leaks, it can cause several problems with your engine and vehicle:

Loss of engine power.

When air leaks from the Engine Air Intake Hose , less air enters the engine. This reduces the power and performance of the engine. Your vehicle may feel underpowered or like it’s losing acceleration.

Rough idling or stalling.

If the air leak is severe enough, the engine may have trouble idling smoothly or stall completely, especially when first starting up.

Check engine light comes on.

The on-board diagnostics system will detect problems with the engine sensor readings caused by an air leak and illuminate the check engine light.

Vacuum leaks.

Loose or damaged intake hoses can allow unmetered air into the engine, creating vacuum leaks. This fools the engine computer and affects engine performance and fuel economy.

Increased emissions.

More unburned hydrocarbons escape in the exhaust when there are air leaks, increasing emissions and harming the environment.

Loss of fuel economy.

The engine has to burn more fuel to make up for the leakage of air and unmetered vacuum. So your gas mileage suffers significantly.

Engine damage.

In extreme, long-term cases, an intake hose leak can lead to more serious engine damage by allowing unburned fuel or thick oil to enter the combustion chamber. This includes damage to spark plugs, valves, pistons and cylinder walls.

Difficulty maintaining idle speed.

The idle speed control system has trouble keeping the idle speed steady when there are air leaks present. The idle may flutter up and down.

Rough engine idle quality.

There are audible changes in the idle sound and quality, indicating the uneven burning of the air-fuel mixture due to the air leakage.

The solution is to inspect silicone air intake hose, air filters and air intake components for any tears, cracks, abrasions or loose connections and seal or replace damaged parts as needed to eliminate air leaks. Fixing leaks early on will prevent larger problems down the road.

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