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Auto silicone hose is a type of hose made from silicone rubber material designed specifically for automotive applications. It is used to transport fluids such as coolant, oil, and air between different parts of the engine and transmission. As a leading silicone hoses manufacturer in China, KINGLIN produces high-quality auto silicone hoses and also provides high-temperature food grade silicone tubing. Here, we will introduce food grade silicone tubing to help customers choose it easily.

Intrdouce For Food Grade Silicone Tubing

Food Grade Silicone Tubing
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Food grade silicone tubing, also known as high-temperature food grade silicone tubing, is a type of silicone hose that is safe for use in food processing and handling applications. Unlike regular silicone tubing, which may contain additives and fillers that are not approved for food contact, food grade silicone tubing is manufactured using only FDA-compliant ingredients and materials that are safe for direct and indirect food contact. This means that the silicone tubing itself will not affect the taste, odor, or quality of the food.

Main Features Of High-temperature Food Grade Silicone Tubing

High-temperature food grade silicone tubing is resistant to chemicals and microbes commonly found in food environments. It can withstand high temperatures ranging from -80°C to 250°C, making it suitable for use in hot and cold food and beverage processes. The surface of food grade silicone tubing is non-porous, smooth, and easy-to-clean, helping prevent bacterial buildup that can contaminate food.

Food Grade Silicone Tubing Has Many Applications

Food grade silicone tubing has numerous applications in the food and beverage industry due to its non-toxic,FDA-compliant, and flexible properties. It is widely used as a conveying pipe for food products such as liquid eggs, juices, condiments, and beer due to its resistance to acids and alkalis found in these products. Silicone tubing is also used to transport gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen for carbonation, aeration, or preservation of food.

In bottling plants, silicone tubes are used as filling tubes to transfer contents into bottles, and as pipes for conveying bottles on conveyor lines. Its flexibility, leak-proof properties, and ability to withstand high pressures and temperature ranges make silicone tubing suitable for use as conduits for hot or cold mixing and cooking of various food ingredients. Additionally, its non-reactive surface and invisible seams help avoid product contamination, making it ideal for food contact applications.

Conclusion Of KINGLIN Food Grade Silicone Hoses

In summary, KINGLIN produces high-quality high-temperature food grade silicone tubing suitable for use in the food and beverage industry. Its non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and FDA-compliant properties make it an ideal choice for conveying food products, gases, and liquids.

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