Analysis Of Rubber Hoses – Air Intake Hoses

Rubber hoses are flexible tubing made of rubber (or synthetic materials like silicone). They are as used to transport liquids or gases from one point to another. Additionally, they can withstand exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and temperatures. Meanwhile, making them useful for many industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. As leading silicone hoses manufacturer in China, we will provide you more suggestion about rubber air intake hoses in this post.

rubber air intake hoses
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Types Of Rubber Air Intake Hoses

Here are the main types of rubber air intake hoses used in vehicles:

  • Standard intake hoses – These are the most basic intake hoses made of natural or synthetic rubber. They are inexpensive and adequate for normal use. However, they are prone to cracking and shrinking over time and with heat exposure.
  • High temperature intake hoses – These hoses are made with materials that can withstand higher temperatures. They use synthetic rubbers that can tolerate temperatures up to 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Turbo intake hoses – These hoses are specifically designed for turbocharged engines to handle the high vacuum and boost pressures produced by turbochargers.
  • Performance intake hoses – These high quality hoses are designed for performance vehicles. They have reinforced inner layers and reinforced rubber/nylon casings to provide strength and durability.
  • Cold air intake hoses – These specialized hoses are designed to draw in cooler, denser air from outside the engine bay. They are constructed with durable materials and come with heat shields.

Materials Used In Rubber Air Intake Hoses

  • Natural Rubber – Traditional rubber material derived from latex. Offers good flexibility and elasticity, but poor heat and chemical resistance.
  • Neoprene (CR) – Synthetic rubber known for its oil resistance, flexibility and resistance to aging. For petroleum, fuel and chemical hoses.
  • Butadiene Rubber (BR) – A synthetic rubber that is more heat resistant and durable than natural rubber. Commonly used in general purpose and high temperature hoses.
  • Silicone Rubber – Highly heat-resistant synthetic rubber that can withstand temperatures up to 500° F. For high temperature air intake and turbo hoses.

Comparison Of Rubber Air Intake Hoses To Other Types Of Air Intake Systems

Compared to metal tubing air intake systems:

  • Rubber hose for sale, are easier to install but require more maintenance and have shorter lifespan.
  • Metal tubing systems provide better air flow efficiency but lack vibration damping and flexibility.

Compared to cold air intake systems:

  • Cold air intake systems with ram-air tubes and heat shields tend to draw in cooler, denser air compared to standard rubber intake hoses.
  • Cold air intake systems are more expensive and require more extensive modifications to the vehicle.
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