What Are Some Uses of Silicone Hoses?

What Are Some Uses of Silicone Hoses

I believe that many people have heard of silicone hoses more or less. Silicone tubes are widely used catheters in the industrial field and also play a great role in our daily life. Today, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application and manufacturing process of silicone tubes are gradually refined and divided into various types. As we all know, different kinds of silicone tubes play different roles and play their own roles in their respective fields.
Here, I would like to introduce several uses of silicone tubes. Some of their main uses are as follows:

First, the use of a silicone hose

1. Manufacturing

Silicone hoses are used in many manufacturing industries such as dairy, food, biotechnology, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. They are beneficial to many commercial industries due to their customized functionality, durability, and strength.

2. Aquarium

If your tank has air devices (such as a pneumatic filter, etc.), you know you need a length of tubing to connect them. The long-standing standard has been to use vinyl tubing, but silicone tubing lasts longer, doesn’t harden as quickly, and does a good job of sealing the air fittings and supply air columns in the aquarium. It’s a little more expensive than vinyl tubing, but many aquarium enthusiasts turn to silicone when they need more flexibility and a hose that can withstand pressure.

3. Beer brewing

Custom silicone hose for home brewing. Smoothing out the different steps of the home brewing process is crucial.
Silicone hoses help beer flow into and from the bottle to the bottle. Silicone hoses have optimum chemical resistance, making them suitable for beer cleaning and sanitation processes.

4. Vehicle system

Your vehicle’s engine needs a certain temperature to function properly. But while working, it gets hot and needs to be lowered for good performance. Here, the radiator silicone hoses help deliver the coolant to the vehicle’s engine.
It is resistant to extreme weather like humidity, ozone, or UV rays, protecting your vehicle from overheating, breakdown and degradation.

In our daily life, the use of silicone hoses is very high. For example, the hose of our water dispenser is made of silicone, mainly because the silicone hose has good tolerance, high and low-temperature resistance, and can be used in very harsh environments, which largely guarantees Normal use of the water dispenser. The hose used in the water dispenser is also silicone, which can also isolate bacteria so that users can drink safe and healthy drinking water.

Performance characteristics of silicone hose

①Continuous use temperature range: -60℃~260℃;
② Soft, resistant to ozone and ultraviolet rays
③ Various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
④Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless
⑤High pressure resistance, environmental protection
In addition to the above are common uses for silicone tubing. In addition, in our lives, silicone tubes also have a very wide range of functions. Please contact me for the silicone tubing you want.

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