Various problems of silicone hose

Is the silicone hose corrosion resistant?

Ordinary silicone hose may not be fuel resistant, but it is highly resistant to the following chemicals:

natural gas
vegetable oil
citric acid
potassium chloride
zinc salt
heavy water
Ethylene glycol

Silicone hose has good high temperature resistance, UV resistance and radiation resistance, stretch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, softness, lightness and durability. Silicone hoses can withstand temperatures from -60° to +300°


Our silicone hoses is durable and can be custom shaped to your specifications Custom special colors, if we don’t have the shape you need, please contact me My professional team can design custom for you

silicone hose
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Longer life in harsh environments

In addition to its excellent heat resistance, the silicone hose also has excellent weather resistance. It can be exposed to moisture, cold, wind, rain and ultraviolet light for a long time, and its performance has almost no change. Compared with the rubber hose, the silicone tube can withstand harsh environments. longer

Is the silicone hose resistant to diesel?

Not resistant to oil!
Silicone is a porous material, which causes any oil-based substance, be it fuel or diesel, to penetrate its walls and damage the silicone hose. If used in large quantities of fuel, rubber hoses are recommended

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