Silicone Hoses From KINGLIN – Clear Vacuum And Red Radiator Hose

Silicone hoses may apply in many industires with various applications. As leading silicone hoses China manufacturer, KINGLIN could provide quality silicone hoses in many model, such as clear silicone vacuum hose or red silicone radiator hose. All hoses we sell, have won foreign customers praise.

KINGLIN silicone vacuum hose is a type of flexible tubing made from transparent silicone material. With more benefits below:

  • KINGLIN adpats high-quality silicone rubber to produce clear silicone vacuum hoses.
  • So, it offers excellent flexibility, allowing for easy installation and routing in tight spaces.
  • KINGLIN clear silicone vacuum hoses are manufactured even using non-toxic and food-grade silicone materials according to customers demand.
  • Why KINGLIN red silicone radiator hose also to be good?
  • KINGLING use prime quality silicone rubber rather than standard rubber. More durable and heat resistant.
  • So, it could be to resists temperatures from -65°F to over 500°F.
  • Though more expensive but provide much longer service life than rubber hoses.
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