Silicone Hose – Radiator Type And Silcone Vacuum

Fluid as reputed manufacturer of silicone and rubber hose, export kinds of silicones hoses, such as radiator and vacuum types. Both of them uses in auto. Contact us to inquiry for silicone hoses with lower cost.

Radiator Silicone Hose:

  • Handles temperatures up to ~200°F.
  • Resists oil, coolant, and typical automotive chemicals.
  • Requires high flexibility for tight bends but moderate strength.
  • Transfers water-based automotive coolant.
  • Installs with hose clamps on barbed fittings.

Green Silicone Vacuum Hose:

  • Withstands wider temperature range from -100°F to over 500°F.
  • Compatible with harsh industrial chemicals and solvents.
  • Needs thick walls and reinforcement to withstand vacuum without collapsing.
  • Ultra-low outgassing for contamination control.
  • Smoother inner bore for unimpeded air flow.
  • Secures with clamps or push-to-connect fittings.
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