Silicone Hose For Your Auto – What You Need To Know

Silicone hose is a popular choice for auto applications due to its flexibility, durability, and heat resistance. Whether you need silicone reducers, humps, or straight hose, there are a few key things to consider when choosing silicone hose for your vehicle.

automotive silicone hose
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Silicone Hose Reducers

Silicone reducers are used to connect hoses of different diameters. They have an internally tapered design so the inner diameter gradually decreases, allowing for a smooth transition between hoses. Silicone reducers are normally sold in pairs with opposite tapers. When choosing silicone reducers, consider:

  • Inner diameter – Make sure the inner diameter at each end matches your hoses. Silicone reducers typically come in ID sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ and up.
  • Temperature range – Higher temperature silicone can withstand temperatures up to 500°F. Regular silicone reducers are rated for intermittent temperatures up to 300°F.
  • Thread type – Some reducers have npt threads, others have barbed ends to connect to hose clamps. Choose the appropriate style for your application.

Silicone Hump Hose

A silicone hump hose has a contoured shape, often used to create a kink-free bend in hard-to-reach areas. Hump hoses come in many different shapes to accommodate a variety of routing needs. When selecting a silicone hump hose, consider:

  • Inside diameter – Typically 1/2″ to 2″ ID but choose the size that matches your system.
  • Temperature range – Look for silicone rated for the highest temperatures your system may reach.
  • Universal fit – Some silicone hump hoses have expanded internal shapes to fit a wider range of tube or hose sizes.

Straight Silicone Hose

For simple, straight hose connections, silicone offers durability and flexibility. Consider the following when choosing straight silicone hose:

  • Ports – Does your system use barbed or threaded ports? Choose hose with the matching connector style.
  • Crush resistance – Higher durometer silicone hose (Shore A 75 and up) offers better crush resistance for high pressure applications.
  • Ultraviolet resistance – Select silicone hose that is formulated to resist UV degradation from sun exposure.

With the right silicone hose for your specific needs, you can create reliable, long-lasting hose connections for many auto silicone hose applications. Choose high quality silicone hose from a reputable manufacturer to ensure optimal performance in your vehicle’s fluid system.

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