Silicone hose for car is a crucial part:transmission of kinds of fluid

As an important part of the car, silicone hoses for car are distributed in the engine, chassis and body, and play a role in the transmission of oil, gas, water and power to the safety and performance of the car.

 It consists of inner and outer rubber layers and a skeleton layer. The skeleton layer material can be made of polyester cloth, aramid cloth, polyester cloth, etc. The material of the inner and outer bonding layers of the automotive silicone hose is made of ordinary silicone raw materials, oil-resistant rubber hoses, acid-resistant, and Made of alkali and other materials.

Currently, a car should use at least 20 metres of hose, and with the number of hose combinations used in limousines already reaching over 80 H and at least 10, silicone hoses are an integral part of the car.

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Product features of silicone hose for car:

Silicone is a new type of polymer elastic material with excellent high temperature resistance (250 300℃) and low temperature resistance (-40~60℃), good physiological stability, and can withstand repeated harsh disinfection conditions. Excellent Resilience and permanent deformation (not exceeding 50% for 48 hours at 200°C), breakdown voltage (20~25 kV/mm), ozone resistance, and UV resistance. Special silicone is radiation-resistant and oil-resistant. Silicone hoses are widely used, and steam work will become the future development direction of silicone hoses.

Silicone hoses are capable of carrying fluids at much higher temperatures than rubber. If you’re building a racing vehicle or adding a turbocharger to your engine, silicone is the way to go. Silicone has a good ability to dampen sounds and vibrations, keeping a quiet and stable profile.

Kinglins product advantages are as below :

1. Custom Logo service.

2. Custom size. ( ID, layer, thickness, length )

3. All colors are available.

4. Strict selection of high-quality raw materials, and product quality assurance. Realize 3D printing inspection tooling

5.The product has passed IATF16949, ISO14001:2015 quality inspection and certification

Maintenance of silicone hose for car for buyers to know

Most good quality silicone hoses can be used for at least 10 years. If there is any damage, it is usually due to manual damage, so pay attention to some details during maintenance. When taking out the pipes in the water dispenser or air conditioner, take them lightly and do not tear them with too much force, because this kind of pipe is relatively thin and requires too much force. It is easy to damage the silicone hose. Secondly, cleaning fluid is very important. Do a good job in internal and external cleaning during the entire cleaning and maintenance.

However, for essential items in life such as air-conditioning water dispensers, we generally do not recommend the use of cleaning fluid in order to avoid cleaning problems during future use. There is no smell of liquid, so it is best not to use too much cleaning liquid to clean the silicone hose. The main thing is to clean it frequently and continue to use it after high-temperature disinfection.

Kinglin is a reliable manufacturer of silicone hose for car from China

 Hebei Kinglin Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Qinghe County, Hebei Province. It is one of the leading rubber products factories in the local market. Our silicone hoses, rubber hoses and rubber seals are widely used in modified vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks, and military vehicles. , industrial and agricultural machinery.

Silicone Hose Factory Our current capabilities include custom mold design and manufacturing, product design, silicone and rubber hose manufacturing, rubber seal manufacturing, and finished product testing and verification, full-time in-house quality inspection.

We’ve gotten a lot of great reviews, but we always look forward to hearing from you!

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