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Product Description

3 Inch Silicone Hose

  • The 3″ ID provides a relatively large bore for transferring fluids and gases at high flow rates. Larger pore size minimizes frictional losses during flow.
  • Chemical compatibility includes resistance to most acids, bases, fuels, oils and industrial fluids. Silicone does not absorb or break down when exposed.
  • Applications of 3 inch silicone hose include transporting water, air, pneumatically conveying solids, draining fluids, and circulating gases through industrial processes.

3 Inch Silicone Hose

Brief Of KINGLIN Manufacturer Of Silicone Hoses

Our company can offer a range of silicone coolant hose products that offer superior durability and long-lasting quality compared to other radiator hoses.

We can supply special products with inner diameters ranging from 6mm to 152mm. This ensures that you always get the perfect product for your specific requirements.

Our silicone coolant hoses feature a special 3-layer polyester-reinforced silicone. The material has been engineered to provide excellent sealing and thermal insulation properties. (We can also customize the number of layers according to customer requirements, the higher the number of layers, the stronger the pressure resistance)

In addition to providing superior durability, our silicone coolant hoses also provide outstanding durability performance. Silicone has excellent heat, chemical, and oil resistance.

We can also manufacture and supply a range of connectors such as truck silicone hoses, reducer hoses, silicone radiator hose kits, etc.

If you are not sure which product is best for your unique requirements, please feel free to contact us.

3 Inch Silicone Hose Product Features

  • (1)the range of continuous use temperature: -60 ° C ~ 260 ° C;
  • (2)soft, arc-resistant, corona-resistant;
  • (3) can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications;
  • (4)harmless non-toxic tasteless;
  • (5)high pressure, environmental protection;
  • (6) High-quality product;

Standard color: Black, red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent (other colors can be produced as required)

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