Product Description

Reinforced Silicone Hose meets the requirements of the SAEJ20R3 Class A specification. Capable of withstanding temperatures -60° up to 260°. Unlike rubber hose, silicone will not spoil with age and is highly resistant to hardening while maintaining very good compression characteristics. We also produce extrusion silicone hose, truck silicone hose, and other types of hose,

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reinforced silicone hose Product characteristics

1.100% Virgin silicone materials
2. High-temperature resistance and long service life, Highly resistant to ozone, Resistance to ultraviolet (UV)
3. Nylon Fiber Reinforced for high pressure & resistant to coolant additives
4. Meets or Exceeds SAE J20 R3 Specifications
5. Extreme Temperature Resistance with Superior Flexibility
6. Length: 10/20/30/50m as the customer’s requirement
7. Easy to cut
8. Not affected by anti-freeze or anti-rust liquids
9. Highly resistant to hardening
Not suitable for carrying gasoline, oil, or other petroleum products

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