Reinforced automotive vacuum hose

Brand Kinglin
Material Polyester, Silicone
Color Blue vacuum hose
Maximum Pressure 60 Pound per Square Inch

Product Description

Reinforced automotive vacuum hose-Enhanced Performance and Durability

Discover the benefits of using a reinforced automotive vacuum hose for your vehicle. This high-quality hose is designed to withstand the demanding conditions of automotive applications, providing superior performance, durability, and reliability. With their embedded reinforcement layers and high-quality construction, these hoses withstand demanding conditions, including pressure, heat, and chemical exposure.

By ensuring consistent vacuum levels and minimizing leaks, they contribute to the efficient operation of automotive systems. With versatile applications, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness, reinforced automotive vacuum hoses are a reliable choice for enhancing the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

reinforced automotive vacuum hose

Advantages of Reinforced Automotive Vacuum Hoses:

  1. Enhanced Durability and Longevity
    Reinforced automotive vacuum hoses are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of engine compartments. With layers of reinforcement, these hoses exhibit superior resistance to heat, pressure, and chemical exposure, resulting in a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance.
  2. Improved Engine Efficiency
    The precise delivery of vacuum signals is essential for engine efficiency. Reinforced hoses maintain consistent vacuum pressure, ensuring optimal performance of various systems such as the brake booster, emission controls, and more. This translates to improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Applications of Reinforced Automotive Vacuum Hoses:

  • Brake System
    Reliable vacuum pressure is critical for proper brake function. Reinforced vacuum hoses ensure consistent vacuum supply to the brake booster, enabling responsive braking and enhanced safety for drivers and passengers.
  • Emission Control
    Modern vehicles rely on vacuum-operated components for emission control. Reinforced vacuum hoses facilitate the accurate operation of these systems, contributing to lower emissions and compliance with environmental standards.

reinforced automotive vacuum hose


mm Inch mm
1 SH8 8 5/16 3.5-4.5 1-2
2 SH10 10 3/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
3 SH12 12 1/2 3.5-4.5 1-2
4 SH14 14 9/16 3.5-4.5 1-2
5 SH16 16 5/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
6 SH19 19 3/4 3.5-4.5 1-2
7 SH22 22 7/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
8 SH25 25 1 3.5-4.5 1-2
9 SH28 28 1 1/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
10 SH32 32 1 1/4 3.5-4.5 1-2
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