Heat Resisting Silicone Tubing

Heat Resisting Silicone Tubing can withstand extreme temperatures and excels in high-temperature applications. It offers a unique combination of heat resistance, flexibility, and durability.

The tubing finds extensive use in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and manufacturing. It serves as a vital component in cooling systems, engine compartments, electrical insulation, and fluid transfer.

Product Description

Flexible heat resistant silicone tubing for high temperatures

Heat Resisting Silicone Tubing is a revolutionary solution engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and excel in a wide range of industrial applications. From Heat Resisting Silicone Tubing’s outstanding temperature resistance and flexibility to its chemical inertness and electrical insulation capabilities, Heat Resisting Silicone Tubing proves to be a versatile and reliable choice across various industries. Join us as we explore how this innovative tubing solution ensures safety, efficiency, and longevity even in the most demanding heat-intensive environments.

Heat Resisting Silicone Tubing

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Heat Resisting Silicone Tubing

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Straight silicone hoses are grouped into& three types:


  • High-Temperature Silicone Tubing:
    This type of silicone tubing is engineered to withstand extreme heat conditions, making it ideal for applications where exposure to high temperatures is a concern. It can ensure stability and reliability in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing processes involving hot fluids or gases.
  • Reinforced Silicone Tubing:
    Reinforced silicone tubing is designed with an added layer of reinforcement, typically using polyester or aramid fabric, to enhance its pressure-handling capabilities. It is suitable for applications that require resistance to both high temperatures and pressure, such as in coolant systems, pneumatic lines, and hydraulic systems.
  • Medical-Grade Silicone Tubing:
    Medical-grade silicone tubing is specially formulated to meet strict standards of biocompatibility and purity, making it safe for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications. This type of silicone tubing is often utilized in medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and fluid transfer systems in healthcare settings, where maintaining a sterile and non-reactive environment is critical.

A range of exceptional features


  • Ideal operating temperature: -55 °C to +300 °C.
  • Flexibility and Elasticity
  • Chemical Inertness
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Low Toxicity and Odorless
  • UV and Ozone Resistance
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Easy Sterilization
  • Wide Range of Sizes and Colors
  • Long Service Life

Specification – Straight Silicone Hose

Item I.D. O.D. Thickness Burst Pressure Length
inch mm mm mm MPa mm
HRSH-01 1/4 6 16 5 3.5 1000
HRSH-02 3/8 10 20 5 2.9 1000
HRSH-03 1/2 13 23 5 2.7 1000
HRSH-04 5/8 16 26 5 2.4 1000
HRSH-05 3/4 19 29 5 2.2 1000
HRSH-06 7/8 22 32 5 2.1 1000
HRSH-07 1 25 35 5 2 1000
HRSH-08 1-1/2 38 48 5 1.5 1000
HRSH-09 2 51 61 5 1.2 1000
HRSH-10 2-1/2 63 73 5 1 1000
HRSH-11 3 76 86 5 0.8 1000
HRSH-12 3-1/2 89 99 5 0.6 1000
HRSH-13 4 102 112 5 0.5 1000
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