China seal strip

The materials to be prepared include: China seal strip, cloth, scissors, and small brush.

Firstly, you need to select the sealing strip and choose the appropriate length of the sealing strip fur thickness based on the gap size of the window you need to seal.

Prepare the necessary tools. Silicone Door Seal Strip, cloth, scissors, small brush.

Do cleaning work, use discarded small teeth to brush off the floating and debris in the window gaps, and brush off the floating ash on the window frame.

Wipe once with a damp cloth, then wipe once with a dry cloth. (There is water and dust, and the sealing strip cannot stick, so the wet cloth is too wet and needs to wait for the water to dry before applying the sealing strip).

Roughly measure the length of the bottom and side edges of the window. Then mark the door rubber seal strip.

Cut the required size sealing strip. Then apply sealing strips to each of the four points on the window.

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